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COVID-19 guidance

Keeping you safe

Last updated: 09/09/21


We have reviewed the situation and government advice ahead of the reopening
of the Whitchurch Folk Club. We will revise this policy in accordance with any changes or
developments nearer the time.

1. RISK ASSESSMENT - Having spoken with the operators of the Whitchurch Parish
Hall, we understand the building is now open for events in accordance with
government guidelines. However, we intend to undertake a further risk assessment to
identify and mitigate any risks/issues, as recommended in the COVID-19 Roadmap,
Point 4. This will include assessing pinch-points in the building and ensuring that
adequate social distancing is allowed, and training staff to help attendees feel
comfortable on the night.

2. TICKET SALES - We are currently selling tickets for 50% capacity, reserving the
right to expand this depending on further assessment and changes in the pandemic
situation. We do not currently believe this will expand beyond 70% capacity, which
will still allow for comfortable movement within the hall.

3. CASH - We will not be selling tickets on the door, in order to reduce the handling of
cash. We will therefore only be admitting attendees who have ordered tickets ahead
of the concert. We are investigating running a card-only bar, however we’ll make that
announcement nearer the time.

that the Whitchurch Folk Club crowd are a sensible bunch, staff members and
customers alike will be asked not to come to the venue should they develop COVID
symptoms (currently identified as a new, persistent cough, a high temperature, loss
or changes to senses of taste or smell) and to self-isolate instead.

5. VENTILATION - While the Parish Hall is a large building, we intend to provide
increased ventilation by keeping all windows open throughout the gig, and opening
the fire doors and main doors before the concert and during intervals. Please
bring warm clothing if you are concerned about drafts.

6. CLEANLINESS - Part of the agreement with the Parish Hall is that we clean all
surfaces before and after the concert. However, we also intend to provide plenty of
hand wash, and we undertake to keep bar surfaces and other public areas regularly
cleaned. We are investigating the possibility of only selling bottled and pre-packed
beverages in order to reduce the need to handle glasses, however we will make a
judgement on this nearer the time.

7. NHS TRACK & TRACE - Although it is no longer required to sign in to the venue via
NHS track and trace, we will be printing and distributing the QR codes so that people
can do this if they feel comfortable. Because we have only sold tickets online, we
have contact details for everyone who will be in attendance, so we know that we will
be able to contact anyone quickly should we need to.

8. MERCHANDISE AND ARTIST CONTACT - It is our intention to position artists a little
further back onstage than usual, to give everyone comfortable distance.
However,this will be finalised nearer the time.
We will discuss merchandise 
possibilities with artists management in the lead-up to each concert and notify attendees of any decisions made.

9. COMMUNICATION - We will continue to keep attendees updated via email and
social media in the lead-up to the concert. We also hope that attendees will respect
staff and others around them. Re-opening the Whitchurch Folk Club is not something
we’re taking lightly, and we can only do it with the full cooperation of the audience.

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